Download MIDI & MP3 Editing Programs

NOTE: These are 3rd party programs and subject to change, including availability, addition of pricing for previously free programs and compatibility with OS systems. The user accepts full responsibility for downloading and using the programs and apps made available on this page. Hit Trax will not accept liability or responsibility for any issues caused by downloading, installing or using the programs/apps on this page. Therefore, you should only download and use the programs/apps if you are prepared to accept these conditions.

Audacity Free Download

Download Audacity Free Audacity is a MP3 and WAV creator and editor. Download Audacity FREE from Hit Trax. MAC and PC versions. Audacity records live audio through a microphone or mixer, cassette tapes, records, or mini discs. With some sound cards, Audacity can also capture streaming audio. Import sound files, edit them, and combine them with other files or new recordings. Export your recordings in many different file formats, including multiple files at once ..... more


  • Record Audio Files and save to MP3, WAV and other audio formats
  • Fade in's Fade out's Normalize and more editing functions
  • Cut/Copy/Paste
  • MAC and PC versions

Download Audacity Audio Editor for PC and MAC

Free MIDI Notation for Hit Trax

MP3 Transposer by Hit Trax
Download MidiNotate. Free MIDI File editor for PC specially created for Hit Trax. MIDI Notate for Hit Trax is basic and so easy to customize your MIDI File backing tracks.


  • Change key (pitch) and tempo (speed)
  • Mute instruments and adjust overall volume
  • Print sheet music
  • Instruction sheet included with download

Download Free MIDI Notation Editor

Free MIDI File Format Converter for PC & MAC

Free MIDI File Format Converter for PC & MAC
Download Free MIDI File Format Converter changes merged and split MIDI Files to the format of your choice. Note, MAC version may require a fee after trial. Convert individual MIDI Files or convert entire directories and view individual MIDI tracks in your sequencer. This is very useful if you have a sequencing program that does not have a de-mix or split tracks function.

Download MIDI Format Converter for PC
Download MIDI Format Converter for MAC

MP3 Transposer by Hit Trax

MP3 Transposer by Hit Trax

UPDATE Version default saves to 320 kbps (highest quality MP3)

MP3 Transposer, time shifter, tempo changer & EQ program that really works. Easy to use, this program edits then saves your MP3 backing tracks to the highest quality 320 kbps CBR. Best of all, we've priced this program so everyone can afford it. If you use MP3 backing tracks - then MP3 Transposer by Hit Trax is a must have program. Updates are FREE to registered users.

Download MP3 Transposer by Hit Trax

Singing Coach Pro Voice Training

Download Singing Coach FREE Trial Software

Vocal Training in a software package on your PC. Almost anyone can learn to sing in tune. If you can mimic a police siren, you are most of the way there. The problem for many of us is that we love music, we sing along to the radio, but we can’t tell when we are singing off pitch. Now, with SINGINGCoach’s patented pitch tracking technology, you can see what pitch you are singing and you can see what pitch you should be singing. It’s as easy as making the line go into the box and stay there

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Tutorial - How to Embed Lyrics in a MIDI File

... using Cakewalk or Sonar

A tutorial on adding a melody guide and embed lyrics in a MIDI File. Most Hit Trax MIDI Files already have embedded lyrics that scroll on a screen. Download the tutorial and see how it's done.

Download Embed Lyrics in a MIDI File Tutorial


OkyWeb and Merish MIDI File backing track players


The 'set up guides' have all the information you need to install software and update your device firmware.
We highly recommend printing the set up guide and reading through carefully before updating.

Image Model Software Firmware Set Up Guide Manual
Merish 3 downloads Merish 3 PC / MAC Merish 3 PDF PDF
Merish 2 downloads Merish 2 PC / MAC Merish 2 PDF PDF
Merish Plus Downloads Merish Plus PC / MAC Merish Plus PDF PDF
Okyweb 3 Downloads Okyweb 3 PC Okyweb 3 PDF PDF
Okyweb 2 Downloads Okyweb 2 PC Okyweb 2 PDF ZIP
Okyweb 1 Downloads Okyweb 1 PC N/A PDF PDF