Lyrics for Beginnings by Chicago

Lyric & Midi information
Song Title * 0809H: Beginnings
Performed By * Chicago
Composer(s) *
Publisher * . Unauthorised copying is illegal
Programmer * © Heavenly Music. Distributed under licence.

When I'm with you, it doesn't matter where we are
Or what we're doing. I'm with you, that's all that matters
Time passes much too quickly when we're together
I wish I could sing it to you, oh no
I wish I could sing it to you
Mostly I'm silent
Never think about words to say

When I kiss you, I feel a thousand different feelings
The color of chills all over my body
And when I feel them, I quickly try to decide which one
I should try to put into words, oh no
Try to put into words
Mostly I'm silent

Only the beginning of what I want to feel forever
Only the beginning. Only just the start
I've got to get you into my life
Got to get you next to me
Only the beginning. Only just the start

Time * 5:06
Length * 140 Bars
Tempo * 109 Bpm
Key * G

Ch 1 * Acoustic Guitar
Ch 2 * Fretless Bass
Ch 3 * Brass
Ch 4 * Brass
Ch 5 * Brass
Ch 6 * Acoustic Guitar
Ch 7 * Trombone
Ch 10 * Drums