Women Have A Way With A Fool lyrics by Coco Montoya

Women Have a Way With a Fool - Coco Montoya

Composers * Montoya
Genre * Blues
Producer * Ernesto Dmitruk
Hit Trax * www.MIDI.COM.AU

Fellas, the fix is in
Woman had the upper hand since the time of original sin
God gave men the muscle, He gave women all the brains
Buddy, you got to hustle just to keep yourself in the game

Ladies, we beg your pardon if we play it cool
'Cause women have a way with a fool
Ladies, don't deal us out
We're all tryin' to protect ourself, that's all I'm talkin' about

Somedays you're the windshieldm somedays you're the fly
We all gotta watch our backsides if we're gonna give love a try

Fellas don't forget it, they'll take you back to school
'Cause women have a way, women have away with a fool
Ya, women have a way with a fool

Fellas, don't get me wrong
There's a lot of good women in the world out there
And I know you're gonna find you one

Just don't get to messin' or you'll feel the woman's scorn
Might get you a lesson, make you wish you was never born

Do just like you wanna mut don't break that golden rule
'Cause women have a way, women have a way
Women have a way with a fool
Ya, women have a way with a fool


Key * C
Time * 4:31
Bars * 99
Tempo * 88


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