Lyrics for Still Got A Crush On You by Dean Dillon

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Item Code * HT5144
Song Title * Still Got A Crush On You
Performed By * Dean Dillon
Publisher *
Programmer * Damian Smith
Copyright * © 2005 HitTrax MIDI Files
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* 8-bar intro

* Verse 1 Oh, the first time we met I'll never forget
How my tongue got tied up when I tried to speak.
Oh, your beautiful eyes had me hypnotised
While my heart fell right at your feet,

* Chorus And I've still got a crush on you, darlin',
Like a boy with his first love in school.
Even now when we touch, I still get all shook up.
Oh, I've still got a crush on you.

* 8-bar break

* Verse 2 No, it's not your birthday or a special occasion,
But I bought these flowers for you anyway.
I just want you to know that the years haven't stolen
The feelings I felt that first day,

* Repeat chorus twice

* Coda Yes, I've still got a crush on you.
Time * 3:03
Length * 105 bars
Tempo * 139 BPM (with variations), rall at end
Key * B flat major

Ch 1 * Steel-String Guitar (Rhythm)
Ch 2 * Fingered Bass
Ch 3 * Steel-String Guitar (Lead)
Ch 4 * Vocal Guide
Ch 5 * Clean Guitar
Ch 6 * Overdrive Guitar (Pedal-Steel)
Ch 7 * Strings
Ch 10 * Drums