Cozey/whatever You Might Think (Bass & Drums) lyrics by Fritz Brause


Composers * N/A
Genre * Pop
Producer * Damian Smith
Hit Trax * www.MIDI.COM.AU

* Cozey Lasts For 21 Bars

Whatever You Might Think

20-Bar Intro

Verse 1:
You Might Think I'm A Jigsaw
Which You Try To Fill In Piece By Piece
You Succeed But The Image You Complete
Only Presents A Phantom Of Your Mind
And I'm Not Your Magic Mirror (For You, Babe)
To Look In; You Are Hanging Me
On The Wall, Asking: Who's The Best Of All?
Oh Won't You Try Again
'Cause I'll Never Lie Again

Boy Beware To Light Dynamite
Then When I Ignite, There's No Place To Hide
For You Babe
So Take Care When I'm At Your Side

Tragedy - A Lover Is No Enemy
I Know You're You
Comedy - I'm Trembling In Your Company
Say Who Are You?

Verse 2:
You Don't Change Your Direction - Do You Baby?
Gamble On But You're Such A Cheat
Mark Your Card But You'll Never Win My Heart
I Won`T Let You Play With Me Anymore
And Fairy Tales Of Temptation
You Know Well, Don't Refuse To Tell
All Your Sweets They're Just Making Me Retreat
So Keep Them For Yourself And Leave Me Behind...

Repeat Chorus

So Take Care.
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

Keyboard Solo

8-Bar Breakdown

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Chorus 3 Times

Key * D minor, F major in choruses
Time * 7:01
Bars * 167 bars
Tempo * 58 BPM with variations for Cozey, 111 BPM with variations from bar 24 for Whatever...


MIDI Channel/Track Assignment:

Ch 1 * Electric Piano 2
Ch 2 * Fingered Bass
Ch 3 * Synth Brass 1
Ch 4 * Melody Guide
Ch 5 * Harmonies Guide
Ch 6 * Synth Brass 1 (Solo)
Ch 7 * Synth Strings (Low)
Ch 8 * Synth Strings (High)
Ch 9 * Timpani/Orchestral Hit
Ch 10 * Drums
Ch 11 * Clean Guitar
Ch 12 * Tenor Sax
Ch 13 * Overdrive Guitar/Trombone
Ch 14 * Brass 1
Ch 15 * Fretless Bass
Ch 16 * Synth Bass 2


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