The Big Dollhouse lyrics by Hairspray Musical

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Item Code * HT5320
Song Title * Big Dollhouse (from the "Hairspray" soundtrack)
Performed By * "Hairspray" cast
Publisher *
Programmer * Damian Smith
Copyright * \324\370\u03a9 2006 HitTrax MIDI Files
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* 8-bar intro

WOMEN: I gotta get out.
I gotta get out.
I gotta get out.
How'd i get in this slammer, this cooler, this big dollhouse?

Alright, ladies, welcome to the "Big Dollhouse!" For those of you new to the Baltimore Women's House of Detention, think of me as a mother... one who eats her young!

VELMA: Locked up with all these lowlife women.
EDNA: And horizontal stripes ain't exactly slimmin'.
AMBER Is there anybody here who can dry-clean my blouse?
MATRON: It's the maid's day off
ALL: In the big oollhouse.

LI'L INEZ: Lady justice, where have you gone?
EDNA: Ooh, Wilbur, check, I think I left the iron on!
VELMA: Did you see corny laughing?
I could murder that louse!
MATRON: Honey, that'll getcha life
HOOKERS: In the big dollhouse.

ALL: Big house!
VELMA: Locked up here in the pen.
ALL: Big house!
AMBER: No phone!
EDNA: No food!
EDNA: I need a conjugal visit from my loving spouse.
MATRON: Honey, just drop the soap
ALLL In the big Dollhouse

* 6-bar break

EDNA (to Matron): Yoo hoo, my stomach's a little sour.
I haven't had food in over an hour.
MATRON: You just had a pizza, six burgers, a mouse!
ALL: There's no food left in the big dollhouse

VELMA: Hey, matron, I have got to complain
HOOKER: Mira, mami, don't i know you from 1st and Main?
VELMA: Aah, oh, my ?scheisters?, Lipshitz and Strauss
I gotta get sprung from the big dollhouse

ALL: Big house!
EDNA: No food!
PENNY: No fun!
ALL: Big house!
MOTORMOUTH: And our fight had just begun,
'Cause it's freedom's flame Velma'd like to douse,
So we must break out of this
ALL: Big dollhouse.

* 6-bar break

TRACY: Penny, I can't take all this waiting.
I've lost my man plus my hair's deflating!
PENNY: Well Tracy, I hate to grumble or grouse
ALL (screaming at Tracy): But it's your fault that we're in
This big dollhouse!

BEATNIK CHICK: Hey, cool it, ladies, no need to shout,
And don't ya got an old man to bail you out?
VELMA: Ha! Her daddy's a pervert, a loser, a souse!
EDNA (pawing Velma): Well, it's just us girls in the big dollhouse.

ALL: Big house!
AMBER: God, I'm too young to fry!
ALL: Big house!
EDNA: I'm busting out!
MOTORMOUTH: Girl, so am I!
ALL: Lady Justice, hear my plea,
'Cause the big dollhouse, the big dollhouse,
The big dollhouse ain't big enough for me!
For me!
For me!
EDNA: For me!
Time * 3:13
Length * 120 bars
Tempo * 98 BPM, rall from bars 13 to 14, 162 BPM at bar 15, rall to end
Key * D minor, E flat minor at bar 47, E minor at bar 77

Ch 1 * Piano 1
Ch 2 * Fingered Bass
Ch 3 * Vibraphone
Ch 4 * Vocal Guide
Ch 5 * Clean Guitar (Left)
Ch 6 * Clean Guitar (Right)
Ch 7 * Muted Guitar
Ch 8 * Overdrive Guitar
Ch 9 * Harmonica
Ch 10 * Drums
Ch 11 * Trombone
Ch 12 * Brass 1
Ch 13 * Tenor Sax
Ch 14 * Alto Sax
Ch 15 * Strings
Ch 16 * Timpani