Australian Acoustic SongBook Vol 1 (Jackson Moon)

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Australian Acoustic SongBook CD Jackson Moon

Australian Acoustic SongBook Vol 1 (CD)

Australian Acoustic SongBook Vol 1 is an instrumental album by Jackson Moon featuring 12 certified hits performed exclusively on acoustic guitar. With almost 45 minutes of easy-listening music, the album is a relaxing listening experience at home, around dinner guests, while walking or cruising in the car and between gig sets.

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Australian Acoustic SongBook Vol 1 by Jackson Moon


1. The Real Thing
2. Girls On The Avenue
3. Come Back Again
4. Help Is On Its Way
5. Everlasting Love
6. Living In A Child’s Dream
7. Sunshine
8. Do You See What I See
9. Slipping Away
10. Wings Of An Eagle
11. I Am Pegasus
12. You're The Voice


JACKSON MOON Acoustic Guitars, Arrangements, Artwork

RECORDED mixed and mastered @ Jackson Moon Media

GUITARS maintained by Mark Tonelli @ Pro Guitar Setups

SPECIAL MENTION Beeb Birtles, David Briggs, Richard Doctors, Anita Ialuna, Julian Medor, Anita Monk, Sam Sciacca, Mark Tonelli, Mark Woolrich. Vincent, for everything. Appreciation to the respective songwriters, artists, musicians, audio engineers and record producers that gave us these timeless songs.


by Solbasker5 (iTunes): by fig36 (CD): Arrangements for the vocal melody on guitar are incredible. It's really great how you made all the guitar tracks blend together.

by Solbasker5 (iTunes): by solbasker5 (iTunes): Clever acoustic guitar instrumental of well-known oz-tracks. Favorites are come back again, I am pegasus, sunshine (dragon song) do you see what I see (the hunters), your the voice, and slipping away. Good job on the real thing, the old russell morris song. This is a good car album.

by Solbasker5 (iTunes): by lynrosa (CD) :..beautiful relaxing music ..

by Marylincoln62: by evelyn (CD): So nice to hear Australian pop songs played on an acoustic guitar. Slipping Away is my favourite song ever!

by Marylincoln62: by michael (CD): Really happy to have found the CD .... inspired my young son to ask if he could learn to play guitar .... my mom and pop sang to these songs when I was a kid.

by Solbasker5 (iTunes): by mrose (CD): Got my copy yesterday and yes I bought it...started playing it and listened to every song..a relaxing beautiful listening CD of some great Australian classics.