WinLive PRO Synth 13 (Windows)

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Winlive PRO Synth - Windows

Winlive PRO Synth 13 for Windows

MIDI File & MP3 Backing Track Player App/Software

WinLive Pro Synth 13 now with FREE Remote Control via iPhone, iPad and Android

Download free trial. User friendly MIDI FILE/KARAOKE Backing Track APP for WINDOWS laptop/desktop. WinLive PRO Synth includes a massive user-customisable virtual GM/GS MIDI sound engine. No external device or sound module required! This is a massive step forward for performing musicians, singers and bands.

WinLive PRO Synth for MAC WinLive PRO Synth 13 (NEW)
Up to 3 activations per license even on different computers
You Got a Laptop - You Got The Gig !
SAVE well over a thousand dollars on hardware devices that can never match WINLIVE Pro Synth features. .Simply connect the headphone out from your laptop into your stage mixer and you're ready to perform. No more hardware devices, transferring songs and having to buy additional gear. WinLive Pro Synth 10 is a fully integrated backing track player for MIDI, MP3, Wav and Karaoke Files.


Pro version for Windows includes a massive inbuilt MIDI Sound Engine. NO External MIDI File Player or Sound Library Required! Imagine an all-in-one backing track control center with its own MIDI sound engine with the features you need to perform. Plays/Supports the following file types: midi, kar, mp3, mp3+lrc, wav, cdg,, avi, mpg, mp4, flv, wma, txt, rtf, jpg, gif, bmp, ytb youtube, pdf) EASY Connection! Just one cable from the headphone output on your laptop to the stage mixer. That's it ! No connection hassles and you retain full control of the output volume. it doesn't get easier than this.

MIDI SYNTH Section (Synth Plug in)
* New Internal GS/GM+ sound bank
* 96 MB HI-Quality Wavetable (synth engine version 6.0)
* Wavetable with 27 drum kits and 333 sounds 
* New and more and more performing sounds to increase the quality of your MIDI Files
* Import custom SF2 banks

Customise MIDI Sounds! It's easy to customise all MIDI instruments including drums! Tweak and create your own individual and UNIQUE 'band sound'.

User Ratings 5/5 ! WinLive Pro Synth Orchestra 10 is so easy to use. Connect to PA via headphone output on a laptop or connect using an audio/video interface and stream music & video to your audience in perfect sync while lyrics chords and PDF sheet music scroll in perfect time. Use WinLive on up to 3 activations per license even on different computers.


WATCH VIDEO includes vers 13 features


WinLive PRO Synth 13 - Features

* Includes EXTREME GM/GS Sound Engine
* Buy, download, activate and start! Costs a fraction compared to a physical hardware device
* Load, edit MIDI Files just like a physical backing track player
* Updateable + FREE product support direct from the developer - AWESOME !!
* Record your voice over midi or audio files
* Winlive DJ Control mode with BMP recognition for Audio files + real time effects application
* Metrodrummer -Electronic drums with preset rhythms
* Queue up songs in a Set list with next song no-gap start/stop/fade in
* Load/transpose and export to MP3 and WAV
* Add/edit lyrics and chords to any MIDI and MP3 file
* Repeat sections like verse, chorus, solo etc using markers/cue points
* HOT-Keys for main functions to free up hands for performance
* Direct link to Hit Trax to access our full catalogue of MIDI Files
* Up to 3 activations per license even on different computers
* NEVER pay shipping costs again
* No costly and time wasting repairs
* Includes FREE updates
* Many more features - fast and easy to learn

WinLive Pro Synth - MAIN Features

  1. Supports midi, kar, mp3, wav, cdg, avi, mpg, mp4, flv, wma, txt, rtf, jpg, gif, bmp, ytb youtube, pdf
  2. Multitrack audio reading up to 16 tracks and creation of a single exclusive .wmt file (Winlive Multi Track) including any txt and pdf files
  3. Save separate MIDI tracks and midi to audio
  4. Visual metronome
  5. Generate and save the metronome click
  6. PAN assignment to audio outputs (ability to set outputs to L, R or L + R). Eg. it is possible to direct the backing track to the left channel and the drum click to the right channel
  7. Customize sound mapping
  8. Key transpose for MIDI files, audio and video
  9. Event editor links midi, audio and video files
  10. Set rhythm to a MIDI File and save it in the database
  11. Quick icons editor with new features
  12. Audio mixing with video files
  13. Enhanced media explorer
  14. Added the field "Genre" in database, automatically recognised if present in mp3 tags
  15. Enhanced search by file type and genre
  16. Display genre in the song list
  17. Full page view for song databases with more than 18000 files
  18. Import of VanBasco play lists with tonal parameters, silent channels, etc
  19. Record your voice over midi or audio files (one channel)
  20. Background graphic animations for a karaoke/lyrics monitor
  21. Winlive DJ Control mode with BMP recognition for Audio files with real time effects application
  22. Metrodrummer (preset drum/percussion rhythms) changes rhythm to any song!
  23. Midi remix styled using a library containing more than 200 new rhythms
  24. Pan editor for audio and video files
  25. Background play list with automatic start
  26. Evolved mixing editor with max 5 different live time liable to recall monitors
  27. Fade out and mix between Audio song and Midi
  28. Effect insertion on main or secondary/recorded Audio tracks
  29. Match a midi file with an audio file or vice versa or two audio tracks
  30. Dual monitor support ( Video and CDG files too )
  31. Melody score in the main monitor
  32. Full Karaoke style lyrics, import edit
  33. Chords import and edit
  34. User sound editor for the creation of new sound banks
  35. User drum kit editor for new drum kits creation
  36. Edit/Save Volume, Effects, timbre, resonance, Transpose, Sustain, etc .. for each midi track
  37. Management of up to 16 different devices for midi
  38. Import text in TXT, RTF, PDF format ( electronic music-stand )
  39. Support for windows tablets in portrait mode (vertical)
  40. Import scores PDF files and associate them to the songs in your database
  41. Various karaoke display methods, also different for secondary screen (Karaoke Monitor)
  42. Edit and customise drum kits
  43. Associate a text, image or pdf to an Audio or Midi
  44. Insert custom lyrics or chords for Midi and Audio (stored in meta tags of the media file)
  45. Hit Trax format compatibility
  46. Bounce down a MIDI File to MP3 and WAVE files
  47. Save lyrics in SYLT format
  48. Save video files (.avi, .mp4 etc) to audio files (.wav, .mp3)
  49. Wave to MP3 converter
  50. User friendly search engine
  51. Extraction and conversion from CD to mp3 or wave
  52. Volumes compressor for both Audio and Midi Files
  53. Quick icon buttons for fast access to user defined functions
  54. Up to 10 cue points/marker locators for each song
  55. Lyrics and chords insertion for Midi and Mp3
  56. Images as background insertion
  57. Cover function to change the style of MIDI Files
  58. General volume, compression parameters and main audio engine emphasizing
  59. Grooves import in both midi and audio formats
  60. Cue point management with detailed info such as: insert text, images, loops, jumps key change at specific points etc
  61. Visualization of sheets and simplified notes on midi files
  62. Auto chord recognition from midi files
  63. Display of notes on piano keyboard for educational use
  64. Optimized functions for windows tablets
  65. Remote assistance
  66. Intuitive, functional and performing


  1. Play list window with automatic start, pause and setting of seconds to restart


  1. New Internal GS/GM+ sound bank. 96 MB HI-Quality Wavetable (SFX sounds included)
  2. Wavetable with 32 drum kits and 344 soundsĀ 
  3. New and more and more performing sounds to increase the quality of your MIDI Files
  4. Implementation of low latency WASAPI drivers
  5. Play a midi keyboard directly linked to your computer
  6. ASIO Driver management
  7. Convert MIDI to Wave or Mp3 directly with karaoke and chords included
  8. Main volume, Compressor, filter enhancer on Midi Engine
  9. Delay effect management on every midi track
  10. Multi effect management on sounds from inner Synth with more than 20 selectable MFX on every midi track
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