He Loves Me lyrics by Jill Scott

Lyrics & Midi Information
Song Title * He Loves Me (Lyzel In E Flat)
Performed By * Jill Scott
Composer(s) * Scott/Pelzer
Publisher * EMI Music Publishing Australia Pty. Limited/ Control. Unauthorised copying is illegal
Programmer * � Bespoke Music

* Verse You love me especially different every time.
You keep me on my feet,
Happily excited by your cologne, your hands, your smile, your intelligence.
You woo me, you court me, you tease me, you please me.
You school me, give me some things to hink about, invite me, you ignite me.
Co-write me, you love me.
You like me, you incite me to chorus.

* Oooooooh's as in song

* Repeat verse, except change last line to:
You like me, incite me to chorus.

* Dada-da's, doo-doo-doo's and ooooooh's as in song

* Ad-libs

* Verse 2 You're differene and special.
(Spoken) You're different and special in every way imaginable.
You love me from my hair follicle to my toe-nails.
You got me feelin' like the breeze.
Easy and free and lovely and me.
(sung) Awwwww, when you touch me, I can't control it.
Wnen you touch me, I just can't hold it.
The emotion inside of me.
I can feel it.

* Aaaaah's as in song

* Ad-libs to end

Time * 4:49
Length * 121 bars
Tempo * 100 bpm
Key * E flat minor

Ch 1 * Piano 1
Ch 2 * Acoustic Bass
Ch 3 * Electric Piano 1
Ch 4 * Chiffer Lead
Ch 5 * Strings
Ch 6 * Sweep Pad
Ch 10 * Drums