Rappin' Blow (Bass & Drums) lyrics by Kurtis Blow


Genre * Hip-Hop/Rap
Producer * Damian Smith
Hit Trax * www.MIDI.COM.AU

What Did You Say Your Name Was?

Verse 1:
I See That Its Not Clear
For You Good Buddy So Clean Out Your Ears
So Listen Very Closely While I Pop My Game
Cause My Name's In The Hall Of Fame
The K-U-R, The T-I-S
The First Is The Best I Must Confess
The B-L-O And The W
Makes You Wanna Catch The Boogaloo Flu
Now, If Your Name Is Annie
Get Up Off Your Fannie
If Your Name Is Clyde
Get Off Your Backside
If You Name Is Pete
You Don't Need A Seat
Cause I'm Kurtis Blow And I'm On The Go
I'm Rocking To The Beat In Stere-Ere-O


Call & Response 1:
Now Just Throw Your Hands In The Air
And Wave 'Em Like You Just Don't Care
And If Your Ready Like Freddie
To Rock Real Steady
Somebody Say, "Oh Yeah!"

Young Ladies,
All The Ladies In The House Say, "Owww"
And You Don't Stop,
Come On, Come On, Come On, Let Me See You Rock

Verse 2:
Ah Get Down And Stop Messing Around
When Kurtis Blow Is In Your Town
I'm Kurtis Blow On The Microphone
A Place Called Harlem Was My Home
I Was Rocking One Day,
It Started To Shake
It Sound To Me A-Like A Earthquake
I Packed My Bags, I Said Goodbye
I Kissed My Woman,
And I Started To Fly
I Came To Earth By A Meteorite
To Rock You All On The Mic
So Just Kick Off Your Shoes,
Let Your Fingers Pop
Kurtis Blow's Just About Ready To Rock

Call & Response 2:
Now People In The Back,
If You're Not The Wack, Say:
"Don't Stop The Body Rock!"
People In The Front,
If You Want To Bump, Say:
"Don't Stop The Body Rock!"
People In The Middle,
If You Want To Wiggle, Say:
"Don't Stop The Body Rock!"
And People On The Side,
If You Want To Slide, Say:
"Don't Stop The Body Rock!"

Now A Preacher Or A Teacher
Or A Electrician
A Fighter Or A Writer Or A Politician
The Man With The Key To Your Ignition
Kurtis Blow Is Competition

Young Ladies, Shock The House
Yes, The Young Ladies, Shock The House

A-Just Throw Your Hands In The Air
And Wave Them Like You Just Don't Care
If You're Really, Really Ready
To Rock The House This Morning
Somebody Say, "Oh Yeah!" (Oh, Yeah!)

Somebody Scream

Young Ladies, Mercedes, All The Ladies In The House Say "Ow"

Say Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho-Ho-Ho!

Piano Solo

Call & Response 3:
]Ah Yes Yes Y'all, Uh Keep On,
Shake And Rock Rock Rock
And Rock Rock Rock Aand
DonÕt Stop The Body Rock
And Everybody Say ÒHoooÓ [Ho]
ÒHoooÓ [Ho, Ho]

And All The Brothers
Flag Eyes, Get High,
Say ÒMachoÓ [Macho]
ÒMachoÓ [Macho]
ÒMucho MachoÓ [Mucho Macho]
Ooh, Ah, Ooh Ooh AhÓ
[Ooh Ah, Ooh Ooh, Ah]

Verse 3:
Keep On, RockinÕ On,
Keep Keep On, Rock The Hip The Hop On
Like A Little Boy Blue
Blowin' On A Horn,
He Needed It On A Record
To Try To Play The Song
ItÕs Been That Way
Since The Day He Was Born
A-Like A Twenty-Five Cents Pack Of Popcorn
Dip Dip Dab, So Socialize
Clean Out Your Ears
And Open Up Your Eyes
So You Gon' Hear And Realize,
That IÕm Here To Tranquilize
Got A Megacool Jack,
Faded Imperator
Casanova 'Round To Close It Down
A-Get Down, Stop MessinÕ Around,
When Kurtis Blow Is In Your Town
IÕm A One Of A Kind, IÕll Wreck Your Mind
Put A Wiggle Double Wiggle
In Your Behind
Twice As Nice, IÕm Skating No Ice
When My Mama Gave Birth
She Named Me The Baddest MC
On Earth, Y'all
To The Beat That Makes You Freak
Get Out Of Your Seat And Freak To The Beat
The Weather Is Cold, So Catch Some Heat

Key * Bb major
Time * 4:42
Bars * 131 bars
Tempo * 111 BPM (with variations)


MIDI Channel/Track Assignment:

Ch 1 * Electric Piano 1
Ch 2 * Fingered Bass
Ch 3 * Piano 1
Ch 4 * Clean Guitar (Left)
Ch 5 * Muted Guitar
Ch 6 * Clean Guitar (Right)
Ch 10 * Drums
Ch 16 * Chords


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