Lyrics for Day Drunk (Bass & Drums) by Morgan Evans


Composers: Chris Destefano, Lindy Robbins, Morgan Evans
Genre: Country, R&B
Producer: Nelson Guimaraes
Hit Trax: www.MIDI.COM.AU

We bought that
champagne for new years
We got one bottle left
Let's pop it open baby what you say

Stay in that tshirt
you don't need to get dressed
'Cause we got plans to make no plans today

I'm thinking happy hour on the hour
In the kitchen in the shower
Dancing tipsy, come and kiss me baby

[Let's get a little day drunk
Party with our shades on
Play a bunch of old songs
Sing along, get the words wrong (Who cares!)

When you're day drunk
Get down while the sun's up
Make a little good love
like it's date night
In the daylight
and it feels right when you're...

Day drunk, day drunk,
yeah when you're...
Day drunk, day drunk]

Remember that
bottle of whiskey that we bought for you dad
Yeah we got time to buy another one before his birthday, right?

Let's make the day the best that we've ever had
'Cause I'm high on smile and when you look at me that way

No you don't need no make up,
leave your hair up
Ain't no guest list, girl it's just us
Before the sun sets
baby let's get crazy



Key: Bb
Time: 3:15
Bars: 80
Tempo: 97


MIDI Channel/Track Assignment:

Ch 1 * cushion pad
Ch 2 * Bass
Ch 3 * rhythmic steel
Ch 4 * Melody Guide (tenor sax)
Ch 5 * Harmonies Guide (synth voices)
Ch 6 * power chords
Ch 7 * overdriven guitar
Ch 8 * blues guitar
Ch 9 * blues guitar
Ch 10 * Drums
Ch 11 *
Ch 12 *
Ch 13 *
Ch 14 *
Ch 15 *
Ch 16 * chords guide (E Piano 1)


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