American Nights (Minus Guitar) lyrics by Plain White T's

Plain White T's - American Nights

Composers * Destefano, Higgenson
Genre * Pop
Producer * Ernesto Dmitruk
Hit Trax * www.MIDI.COM.AU

On these American nights
That's when we all go out
That's when we feel alive
That's when the tops go down
I break a dollar at the bar
And make the jukebox sing
So tell Rosie what you want
The first round's on me
We're gonna light up these streets baby
Shake the dust off all your dreams baby
We're gonna lose a little sleep baby
On these American nights

Under the stars and stripes
We live in doubt with our friends
There's nothing we can't do
As soon as our sun sets
I'm gonna find me a girl
I'm gonna try to make her laugh
And when she gives me that look
I'm gonna take her hand
'Cause everything about her reminds me
Of all the broken romance behind me
I'm giving love another chance to find me
On these American nights

Daylight please don't come up any higher
'Cause we've got main street lit up like a fire
Nothing compares to breathing the air
When I'm back in my hometown
And someday my kids will run like I did
On these streets and old playgrounds

I wanna drive all night,
Turn up the radio loud
Left hand in the breeze
I shut the whole world out
So come and ride with me baby
I'm saving you the front seat baby
Feeling nothing but free baby
On these American nights

On these American nights


Key * D
Time * 3:13
Bars * 117
Tempo * 145


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