That's Entertainment (Judy Garland) lyrics by Strictly Come Dancing

That's Entertainment (Judy Garland) - Strictly Come Dancing - LYRICS

Composers * Jack Haley
Genre * Ballroom and Dance
Producer * David Wall
Hit Trax * www.MIDI.COM.AU
A clown with his pants falling down
Or the dance that's a dream of romance
Or the scene where the villain is mean.
That's entertainment!

The lights on the lady in tights
Or the bride with the guy by her side
Or the ball where she gives it her all.
That's entertainment!

The plot can be hot, simply teeming with sex
A gay divorcee who is after her ex
It can be Oedipus Rex
Where a chap kills his father and causes lots of bother.

The clerk who is thrown out of work
By the boss who is thrown for a loss
By the skirt who is doing him dirt
The world is a stage; the stage is a world of entertainment!

It might be a fight like you see on the screen
A swain getting slain for the love of a queen
Some great Shakespearean scene
Where a ghost and a prince meet, and everyone ends in mincemeat.

The guy maybe waving the flag
That began with the mystical hand
Hip hooray! The American way
The world is a stage; the stage is a world of entertainment!


Key * F
Time * 2.11
Bars * 158
Tempo * 144

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