Tomorrow Is A Latter Day (Bass & Drums) lyrics by The Book Of Mormon

Writers * Trey Parker, Lopez ,Stone
Genre * Broadway/Stage
Producer * Atanaz Pasztor


Don't wor-ry lit-tle bud-dy
Know this much is true
To-mor-row is a lat-ter day
I am here for you

To-mor-row is a lat-ter day
To-mor-row is a lat-ter day
To-mor-row is a lat-ter day

I am a lat-ter day saint
I help all those I can
I see my friends through times of joy an sor-row

What hap-pens when we're dead?
We should-n't think that far a-head-.-.
The on-ly lat-ter day that mat-ters is to-mor-row

The skies are clear-ing and the sun's com-ing out
It's a lat-ter day to-mor-row
Put your wor-ries and your sor-rows and your cares a-way
And fo-cus on a lat-ter day
To-mor-row is a lat-ter day! Whoo!

I'm a lat-ter day saint
A-long with all my town
We al-ways stick to-ge-ther come one more

We love to dance and shout
And let all the feel-ings out-.-.
And work to make a bet-ter lat-ter day-.-.-.-.


We'll be here for each o-ther eve-ry step of the way
And make a lat-ter day to-mor-row
A-me-ri-cans are rea-dy for the cure for aids
But they're sav-ing it for a lat-ter day

To-mor-row is a lat-ter day
To-mor-row is a lat-ter day
Full of joy and all the things that mat-ter day
To-mor-row is a big-ger bet-ter lat-ter day-.-.-.-

To-mor-row, to-mor-row is a lat-ter day
A hap-py end-ing on a plat-ter day
To-mor-row is a don't for-get her lat-ter day-.-.-...

Why are Mor-mons hap-py?
It's be-cause we know it's a lat-ter day to-mor-row
So if you're sad put your hands to-ge-ther and pray

That to-mor-rows gon-na be a lat-ter day
And then it pro-bab-ly will be a lat-ter day
To-mor-row is a lat-ter day!

So what will to-mor-row bring?
What does the fu-ture hold?
I can a-lmost see it now

Hel-lo my name is El-der Ma-tom-bo
And I would like to share with you the most a-maz-ing book

Hel-lo My name is sis-ter Kim-be!
It's a book a-bout a peo-ple who were poor and sad like you

A sac-red text of pi-o-neers and frogs
And how you can find sal-va-tion if you just be-lieve

Hel-lo You have a love-ly mud-hut
And if you just put down the gun I'll show you
Oh o-k. i'll leave

Hel-lo my name is El-der Ka-li
You will love all of the hap-pi-ness this book can bring!

Hel-lo My name is El-der but fu..-ing-na-ked
Did you know that the cli-to-ris is a ho-ly sac-red thing?

Find pa-ra-dise
And no more war
You've read the book of mor-mon did you know there's more?

We swear
This is not a scam
Have you heard the sto-ry of our pro-phet
Ar-nold Cun-ning-ham?
Ar-nold Cun-ning-ham
Ar-nold Cun-ning...

Our church is grow-ing strong
And if you let us in we'll show you how you can be-long!
Join our fa-mi-ly!
And set your spi-rit free
We can ful-ly gua-ran-tee you that this book will change your life

This book will change your life
This book will change
This book will change
This book will change your life
The book of A-.-.-.-.-ar-.-.-nold!

We are lat-ter day saints
We take life one day at a time
When the chips are down
We know just what to say

The past may be in tat-ters
But to-day is all that mat-ters
Be-cause to-day is yes-ter-day's lat-ter day-.-.-.-.

Thank you god
Ma'-ha-ni-bu ee-bo-wai!
To-mor-row is a lat-ter day-...!


Key * G
Time * 6:06
Bars * 203
Tempo * 74


MIDI Channel/Track Assignment:

Ch 1 * Violin
Ch 2 * Bass
Ch 3 * Warm Pad
Ch 4 * Melody Guide
Ch 5 * Harmonies Guide
Ch 6 * Strings
Ch 7 * Glockenspiel
Ch 8 * Piano
Ch 9 * Rock Organ
Ch 10 * Drums
Ch 11 * Clean Guitar
Ch 12 * Brass
Ch 13 * Trombone
Ch 14 * Clarinet
Ch 15 * Oboe
Ch 16 * Celesta


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