Don't Take Your Love From Me (Bass & Drums) lyrics by Walt Andres & The Buddy Morrow Orchestra

Frank Sinatra - Don't Take Your Love From Me

Composer * Henry Nemo
Genre * 1961/Big band Jazz/Male Vocal
Producer * Dave Wall 2015

Tear a star from out the sky and the sky feels blue
Tear a petal from a rose and the rose weeps, too
Take your heart away from mine and mine will surely break
My life is yours to make, so, please keep the spark awake

Would you take the wings from birds so that they can't fly?
Would you take the ocean's roar and leave just a sigh?
All this your heart won't let you do
This is what I beg of you
Don't take your love from me
Don't take your love from me


Key * C
Time * 1 m 55 s
Length * 51 bars
Tempo * 107 bpm


MIDI Channel/Track Assignment:

Ch 1 * Vibes
Ch 2 * Bass
Ch 3 * Jazz gtr
Ch 4 * Melody Guide (Sax)
Ch 5 * Muted tpt
Ch 6 * Brass
Ch 7 * Alto Sax
Ch 8 *
Ch 9 * Trombone
Ch 10 * Drums (Brush & Jazz)
Ch 11 * Trumpet
Ch 12 * Xylophone
Ch 13 * Glockenspiel
Ch 14 * French Horn
Ch 15 * Harp
Ch 16 * Chords


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