Wink And A Smile (Minus Guitar) lyrics by Harry Connick Jr

Wink and a Smile - Harry Connick Jr - Lyrics

Composers * Marc Shaiman and Ramsey McLean
Genre * Jazz
Producer * David Wall
Hit Trax * www.MIDI.COM.AU

I remember the days
Of just keeping time
Of hanging around in sleepy towns, forever
Back roads empty for miles
Well you can't have a dream
And cut it to fit
But when I saw you, I knew
We go together, like a wink and a smile
Leave your old jalopy
By the railroad track
We'll get a hip, double dip, tip toppy, two seat pontiac
So you can rev her up
Don't go slow
It's only green lights and alright
Let's go together with a wink and a smile

Give me a wink and a smile

We go together like a wink and a smile
Now my heart is music
Such a simple song
Singing again, the notes never end
This is where I belong
Just the sound of your voice
The light in your eyes
Your so far away from yesterday
Together, with a wink and a smile
We go together, like a wink and a smile


Key * C
Time * 2m 53s
Bars * 82
Tempo * 126


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