DURBANO TeleBlues Pickup Set

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TeleBlues Pickup Set

About Durbano Pickups - Fabian D'urbano designer custom handmade pickups are outstanding examples of quality replacement pickups for your Fender, Gibson, G&L and almost any make of guitar. Durbano pickups are easy to install and will not affect the appearance of your guitar. You will immediately hear a dynamic and tone rich improvement to your sound as Durbano pickups enhance the natural acoustics of your guitar.


The TeleBlues Pickup Set comprises a DURBANO T-90 Blade bridge pickup and DURBANO SATURN Tele neck pickup. This tone monster combination will rocket your Tele, ASAT or custom guitar to another planet with the addition of the optional DURBANO 5 way custom tone switch. All components fit into your Tele and ASAT without any modification to the body or scratch plate.

The T-90 bridge pickup is a clever innovation from Fabian Durbano. This pickup combines the spanky characteristics of a classic Gibson P-90 with the bite and growl of an early Fender Broadcaster. The T-90 is simply an awesome pickup and drops right into a standard Tele bridge plate.

The SATURN neck pickup is another Durbano innovation, where deeper poles and custom winding create a Tele neck pickup we can actually use. The SATURN has all the spank and depth of a Tele neck pick + increased output, sparkling highs, measured mids and spacious bottom end.

Combined, the 2 pickups are a tone monster. The Durbano TeleBlues Pickups supercharge a Tele or ASAT with a sound you can call your own.


TeleBlues Pickup Set Specs

Character Pickups with attitude!
Magnets ALNICO V Magnets
Output Character Full tonal range, sparkling clarity and amazing drive
Baseplate German nickel silver cover with linished finish
Conductor 3 shielded wire conductor for flexible connection and phase reversal


TeleBlues Images

Durbano TeleBlues

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  • Durbano TeleBlues Set pickups are exact size replacements for Telecaster, Broadcaster and ASAT Classic guitars
  • It is recommended an experienced guitar tech installs these pickups
  • The pickups do not require routing or defacing any part of your guitar or pick guard


  • We deliver worldwide
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