OKYWEB 4 MIDI File Backing Track Player

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OKYWEB 4 MIDI Sound Module
& MP3 Backing Track Player

Okyweb 4 MIDI File Player

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* Includes 1000 fully produced MIDI Karaoke Files on the player
* Onboard powerful MIDI Sound Engine
* Load & Play your MIDI and MP3 backing tracks
* Low flat rate shipping worldwide
* Stores up to 15,000 MIDI Files !
* Easy to use!
* Fast global shipping - 1 to 5 days to your door (most times)

OKYWEB 4 - Simple & Powerful MIDI & MP3 Backing Track Player

Okyweb 4 is an affordable MIDI File Sound Module and mp3 backing track player. Features a powerful GM (General MIDI) Sound Engine, 16 GB SD storage and HUGE touch screen. Lightweight, portable 1.4kg, L24 x W24 x H3 cm) and a breeze to use.




Powerful Internal MIDI Sound Engine

The internal General MIDI sound engine includes 848 instrument sounds and 46 drum kits. Okyweb 4 can handle 108 simultaneous notes. Your backing tracks will sound awesome through the PA and onto the dance floor. The on-board sounds have the warm 'tone' of a live band.

Everything Under Control On a Huge 15.5cm x 8.5cm Screen

Ergonomic design makes an effective and easy to use backing track player. Searching for songs and editing MIDI Files is a breeze using the big screen and on-screen keyboard. Edit, change tempo and key on the fly and save changes to personalise your MIDI File backing tracks. Set font size


Okyweb 4


Multi-functional Complete Console

Modify and mix MIDI Files in real time. “Mute” and “Solo” instruments and create custom mix for your performance. For example, if your 'band' has a guitarist or a drummer or a bass player, you can mute these parts globally without editing any MIDI Files. If you have full band of guitars bass and drums, you can enhance your live band sound by using only the keyboard, orchestral and brass parts of the MIDI Files.

Karaoke and On-Screen Lyrics

View lyrics and chords to sing and play your favorite backing tracks. Get double the use from your Okyweb 4. Use on stage as a professional backing track player and at home or Karaoke Bar with friends and family.

Connect to one or more TV's using a HDMI cable to view lyrics and chords. Chords can be viewed as text, guitar and keyboard tab form. Okyweb 4 is the best instrument for who wants to learn a new backing track. * Lyrics and chords must be embedded in the MIDI file)


Okyweb 4


Connect Okyweb 4 to a PC or Tablet

Use as a MIDI Expander and play backing tracks. Or, use as a fully stand alone device at your gigs. Okyweb 4 reads MIDI and Mp3 formats. Edit MIDI files and create Play lists. HDMI connect to a TV or PC monitor and read lyrics and chords in sync with music. The 15cm x 8.5cm onboard screen makes reading lyrics on stage and editing song files easy.

MP3 and MP3+CDG Playback

Playback your MP3 and MP3 Karaoke files in Okyweb 4. Create play lists that include all MIDI and MP3 files and set to play continuously, by keypress or optional foot switch.


* 16GB SD memory
* Multinational 12v power supply
* MIDI Cable Adaptor
* 1000 MIDI songs onboard





Export models do not include M-Pen. M-Pen can download song files and update firmware via WI-FI but is 100% reliant on available and constant WI-FI connection. The USB device can be subject to operational issues and Hit Trax does not have resources to support M-Pen. M-Pen adds considerable additional cost to Okyweb 4 which we deem unnecessary. Song files and Firmware can be downloaded through Hit Trax without the additional cost of M-Pen. The money saved stays in your pocket.


* BUYERS OUTSIDE AUSTRALIA: : In most instances, no duties, customs fees or additional delivery fees will apply to your purchase however please be aware that on occasion and completely beyond our control, duty, customs fee or delivery fee may be charged to the buyer by relevant authorities and courier service. Hit Trax cannot be held responsible or liable for these costs. Buyers accept full responsibility for fees charged over the stated price on this product page.

Okyweb 4 has a 7 day at home satisfaction period. If not satisfied and you wish to return the device, the following conditions apply. Please note before purchasing this item that all points below must be satisfied by the seller for a refund to be effected.

  1. Seven day period begins from the day the item is received by the buyer.
  2. Buyer must inform Hit Trax of intent to return item before sending.
  3. Buyer must receive a support member response (not an automated 'receipt of e-mail notification) which includes the return process details and a return authorization number. Hit Trax will provide return details within 3 working days.
  4. Buyer must not initiate a charge back or payment dispute during the return process.
  5. The item, including outer and inner box and inclusions (including but not limited to user manuals, power supply and leads) must be returned in 100% original and new condition. These items must be in the box.
  6. If any item is found to have wear or damage, no refund will apply.
  7. If any of the song files on Okyweb 4 have been copied (the device will flag any copying), or deleted from the device, the refund will be cancelled. Do not return if you have copied or deleted any of the 1000 songs off the Okyweb 4. We will not refund if the songs have been copied or deleted.
  8. The documentation MUST state the item is being returned for a refund and cancellation of sale (do not state the value of the refund)
  9. You must pack the item carefully and ensure there are no moving objects such as the power supply and loose objects that can damage the screen if not secured. The cost of parts and labour to fix and replace damage from moving parts will be deducted in full from a refund.
  10. Send the parcel to:

Hit Trax
PO Box 6090
Vermont South 3133 VIC


It is rare that import duty or state/federal taxes are applied on delivery. Hit Trax does everything possible to eliminate or least substantially minimise the possibility of import duty or taxes being charged to the buyer. It is important the buyer understands that Hit Trax is not liable for any additional duty/tax imposed by customs and that any additional duty/tax should it occur is the full responsibility of the buyer.