12v Power Supply Merish 3-5 and Okyweb 4

Plus $59.00 for shipping.

Genuine 12 volt power Pack for Merish 3 & 4 and Okyweb 4

Genuine 12 volt power supply suits Merish 3 & 4 and Okyweb 4 MIDI File Players. Multinational plugs for Australia, UK, Europe, Canada, Indonesia and United States.

Hit Trax recommends having a second power supply as a backup. We consider this 'cheap insurance' should the power supply fail at a gig. We also recommend winding the power supply lead carefully, taking care not to twist or 'kink' the lead. 99% of power supply failures are due to poor care by the user.

NOTE: We suggest buying a local equivalent power supply from a good electronics store. Why? The local model will be smaller, more compact and take less space on the board. The price will be much cheaper than buying this model which also has a shipping component. It's critically important to match all the specs on the supplied power supply with the exception of the '2000mA' rating. You can increase the mA up to 2600 mA without affecting performance. The higher mA can in some instances provide better performance in areas where power consistency fluctuates.