Winlive Pro Synth 10

Winlive Pro Synth 10 Software MIDI & MP3 Backing Track Player

Winlive Pro Synth 10. Free to try. Fully integrated MIDI File and MP3 backing track live performance software with inbuilt PRO QUALITY MIDI Sound Engine. Seamlessly synchronise MIDI Files, MP3 and WAV, Lyrics and Chords, Video and PDF sheet music into your backing tracks! Use up to 4 activations per license even on different computers !

DOWNLOAD TRIAL VERSIONS - try before you buy !

Winlive Pro Synth 10 has its own inbuilt Professional GM/GS sound engine! NO External MIDI File Player or Sound Libraries Required! Imagine an all-in-one backing track control center with its own GM/GS MIDI sound engine, costs peanuts and has just about ANY feature you need to play your gigs! We never thought we'd see the day!

EASY Connection from Laptop to Stage Mixer ! Just one cable from the headphone output on your laptop to the stage mixer. No connection hassles and you retain full control of the output volume. It doesn't get easier than this. This is it! All you need is a laptop and coming soon - iPad and Android apps to control operations from your tablet on your mic stand!

WinLive Pro Synth 10 - Quick Video Overview


Watch WinLive Pro Synth 10 Video Lessons

Watch Winlive Pro Synth 10 Video Lessons

. Simply connect the head phone out from your laptop into your stage mixer and you're ready to gig. No more hardware devices, transferring songs and having to buy additional gear. Winlive Pro Synth 10 is a fully integrated backing track play whether you use MIDI, MP3, Wav and Karaoke.

Winlive Pro Synth 10 - Full Features List

* Windows and MAC versions include EXTREME GM/GS Sound Engine
* Buy, download, activate and start! Costs peanuts compared to a physical hardware device
* Load, edit MIDI Files just like a physical backing track player
* Updateable with full and FREE product support - AWESOME !!
* Full lyrics/karaoke style screen with selectable font and font size/colour
* Queue up songs in a Set list with next song no-gap start/stop/fade in
* Load/transpose MP3 files
* Add/edit lyrics and chords to any MIDI and MP3 file
* Repeat sections like verse, chorus, solo etc using markers/cue points
* HOT-Keys for main functions to free up hands for performance
* Direct link to Hit Trax to access our full catalogue of MIDI Files
* Tutorials on YouTube. Learn Winlive Pro Synth 10 - fast and easy

And ..... You can use up to 4 activations per license even on different computers !

* Never pay shipping costs again!
* No more downtime and frustrations when hardware devices need repair
* Never again spend THOUSANDS of dollars on hardware device


* Product Support provided by the developer
* Personal account ID and Serial Number provided on screen and by email after payment