Lyrics for I've Got To Have You by Sammi Smith

Writers * Kris Kristofferson
Genre * Country
Producer * Atanaz Pasztor


You came smil-ing softl-y shy-ly moved in
Ea-sy as a drea-mer in-to my world
And be-fore I re-a-lized the dan-ger
I found my-self star-in' in-to your eyes

And some-where in their co-lors
I saw pro-mi-ses things I've ne-ver seen be-fore
And it's all o-ver
I've got to have you

Hold-in' on the top and say-ing no-thing
More-.. than a mur-mur I could lose you
Then with-out a warn-in' I re-mem-ber that you Trem-bled at a touch of my hand

Know-ing when you came to me-...
And no one else would e-ver feel-.-.
The same in my arms
It's all o-ver
I've got to have you

Wak-ing in the morn-ing to the
Ten-der-ness of hold-ing you a-sleep in my arms

Dream-ing while my hair was blow-ing
Sof-ter than whis-per on your cheek, uh-huh

I don't know the feel-ing so I don't know if it's love but it's e-nough ,it's e-nough
I can't help it
I've got to have you

Oh, it's all o-ver
I've got to have you


Key * Bb
Time * 03:12
Bars * 59
Tempo * 67


MIDI Channel/Track Assignment:

Ch 1 *
Ch 2 * Bass
Ch 3 * Warm Pad
Ch 4 * Melody Guide
Ch 5 * Harmonies Guide
Ch 6 * Strings
Ch 7 * Strings
Ch 8 * Piano
Ch 9 * Muted Gt.
Ch 10 * Drums
Ch 11 * Harmonica
Ch 12 * Steel Gt.
Ch 13 * Clean Gt.
Ch 14 * Sitar
Ch 15 * Music Box
Ch 16 * Glockenspiel


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