Golo Golo (Minus Guitar) lyrics by Second Imij

Second Imij - Golo Golo

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Genre *
Producer * Ernesto Dmitruk
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My uncle's Sonny never cease to amaze me
Since he pick up this indian behti live in Caroni
What she give him to eat I really don't know
Every ten words he speak bet yuh life nine is bout Golo
He start practising African tradition
He tell he-self he's true true indian
(aye dang dun dye dae, aye dang dun dye dae, aye dang dun dye dae, dye dae)

He stop eating bread he eating roti
Doesn't wear no jeans he wearin doti
Throw way he hat and wearing turban
An he showing up with he indian woman
At an indian wedding if you see uncle dancing
When the tassa hit him he shoutin

Golo aha, Golo eyheh
Golo, Golo, Golo
Golo aha, Golo eyheh
Golo, Golo, Golo

[verse 2]
Ah do know if this golo working obeah or black magic
But whatever she doing she have him tie up with it
An' anything uncle do this Golo must sanction
Ah don't know what in the world is really wrong with this man
He don't want to hear no Kaiso by Sparrow
Is either Nar or Sundar Popo

(aye dang dun dye dae, aye dang dun dye dae, aye dang dun dye dae, dye dae)

Don't beat iron again for carnival
All around the town ah see him with ah Dhantal
Pagwa Festval he with the chowtal band
And throwing ah beer on he good friend Ramadan
In Ramleela Festival, you should see him carry on
When they burning Rhawan he shoutin


Now leh we go

Man if you see this golo she smooth like a ripe tomato
But that eh no reason for meh uncle to get on so
The woman possess a dynamic body
Anyway that she pass yuh could see people staring at she
Uncle doesn't let she out of he eye sight
And he always quick to pick for a fight
(aye dang dun dye dae, aye dang dun dye dae, aye dang dun dye dae, dye dae)

Ah time in ah bazarre in Arima
Uncle buss a man head with a lohah
The man made a comment bout golo figure
Right away uncle nearly commit murder
In front of the magistrate, uncle demonstrate
How much trouble he could make, if they take



Key * D
Time * 5:27
Bars * 154
Tempo * 112


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