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Hit Trax FAQ's


  • Go and Sign In
  • Click My Account
  • Click Download Orders/Invoices
  • Click the relevant button to View Receipt or Download
  • Note - if you are on a workplace computer and the download fails, download from home - the workplace firewall is blocking access to our server.


  • Delete spaces before/after e-mail address and password
  • Are you using the same e-mail address used on original sign up?
  • Retrieve log in and password please Sign In



  • Ensure your name and all contact details are true and correct.
  • Do not enter characters such as #!'$*.,"@
  • Ensure there are no initials (eg: J Smith) - enter your full name eg: (John Smith).


  • Check card number, expire date and security number are correct
  • Remove spaces before and after card number
  • New and renewed credit cards need 'permissions enabled' to purchase over internet outside host country. This is especially so in the USA. Call your bank and request 'permissions enabled on the card to purchase over the internet and outside your country'. The bank will enable permissions and usually active within a few minutes.


  • Click the PLAY button to preview the backing track
  • Demo's are MP3 rendered version of the MIDI Files. We use this method to ensure demo's play across all platforms
  • If there is no sound, check the volume is on the computer.
  • Some demo's have a melody guide. The full MP3 backing tracks do not include the melody guide. The full MIDI File may include include a removable melody guide where indicated.



  • We no longer support floppy disk (we can't get them) and the cost to mail CD's and USB sticks often exceeds the value of the order.
  • Simply download the songs after payment and save to your computer. From there, the user can copy to a floppy disk or a CD.

Other Popular Questions

How to I purchase and download backing tracks
Read our easy buy guide - GO - How to Buy MIDI Files

Can I get discounts on backing tracks
Hit Trax have a flat low price with 40% member discount on 3 or more titles. Go - Get 40% discount

Can I buy CREDITS?
Yes - 4 credit packs are available. Save up to 65% off the base price. Go - Buy MIDI Credits

What is the difference between a MIDI File & MP3 Backing Track
Read our MIDI vs MP3 guide - Go - Learn MIDI Files vs MP3 Backing Tracks

There are 2 MIDI Files for every title
We include format 0 (merged tracks) and format 1 versions (split tracks) with every download. Both formats are identical except format 1 splits the tracks - useful for working with DAW programs.

Where can I download the full product catalogue
Our PDF catalogue is updated each month. Download Hit Trax MIDI Files Catalogue

How do I download the weekly Free MIDI File and Backing Track
Sign in and click the Free MIDI banner. Add to cart and checkout.

Buy & Download

How do I add backing tracks to the shopping cart
Click MIDI or MP3 button. The button becomes a lighter shade of grey to signify the item is in the cart.

How do I remove backing tracks to the shopping cart
Move the mouse over the MIDI, MP3 or item button. The text changes to REMOVE. Click to remove.

Can I review and edit my selections before checkout
Yes. Click VIEW CART and review selections. Uncheck any titles or items that you want to remove and update cart before checking out.

Can I pay by PayPal or Credit Card
Use your PayPal account or credit/debit card card. Payment is fast and secure.

How do I Download My Song Files
After making payment, wait a few seconds for the on screen receipt and download link. Double click the download button and save to disk.

Do I get a receipt sent by by e-mail
Yes. We send an invoice/receipt by e-mail. The e-mail includes a separate download link in case you need to download your song files again at another time. Check inbox or junk/spam mail box.

MIDI Karaoke

Can I use MIDI Files and MP3 backing tracks for Karaoke?
Yes. MIDI Karaoke is very popular due to the scrolling lyrics that appear on a computer and TV screen. Many Hit Trax MIDI Files have embedded lyrics and can be used as Karaoke MIDI Files.

How do I know if a MIDI File has a melody guide and embedded KARAOKE Lyrics
'MIDI File with Karaoke Lyrics' under the song title signifies MIDI File includes a melody guide and embedded lyrics.

Free lyrics download
Most song files (except the 'Live Band' series) have a lyrics sheet. Print the lyrics direct from the song details page.

YouTube song video demos
We are expanding our video's to include our own song demo's.

Free and Paid APPS

View our range of APPS for MAC and PC including MIDI File editor, MP3 Transposer and MIDI track splitter. Go - Download MIDI File apps and MP3 apps

Can I find Hit Trax across Social Media

Hit Trax is active across Social Media. Go Hit Trax Social Media for all Hit Trax Social Media links.

I want to contact Hit Trax

Click the Messenger button that appears on the bottom right of the web page. Response time will vary according to time zones.