MIDI Files Prices

Single tier price and generous 40% discount on 3 or more titles.

1 to 2 $9.99 ea £5.35 ea €3.99 ea
3 or More
40% Discount
$5.99 ea £3.21 ea €2.39 ea

Value for Money

Each Hit Trax MIDI File on average requires up to 16 full working hours to complete, along with the gear and expertise to create professional MIDI Files. That's valuable time for you to book gigs, rehearse, relax with friends and catch up with family. Buy one time and use the same backing tracks over and over.

Bulk Buy and SAVE!

When you buy at least 3 or more MIDI Files, an automatic discount of 40% applies each time. We encourage our customers to take advantage of the 40% discount - we designed the discount system for your benefit.

Hit Trax Backing Tracks Are Fully Licensed

Hit Trax pays royalties to song writers, lyricists and producers on every MIDI File downloaded. We should all feel good about that. For more information about copyright and its relation to backing tracks, click here.