Desperado lyrics by The Eagles

Desperado - The Eagles

. . . . . . .

Why don't you come
to your sen-ses.

You've been our rid-in' fen-ces
for so long now.
You're a hard one and I know

you've got your reas-ons.
These things that are pleas-ing you
- can hurt you some-how.

Don't you draw the Queen
of Dia-monds boy,
She'll beat you if she's ab-le.

you know the Queen of Hearts
is al-ways your best bet.

Now it seems to me some fine things
- have been laid up-on your tab-le,

- but you on-ly want the ones
you can't get.

You ain't get-tin' no young-er.

You're pain and your hun-ger,
- they're driv-ing you home.

Oh, Free-dom, Oh Free-dom,
That's just some peo-ple talk-ing.

You're pri-son is walk-ing through
this world all a-lone.

Don't your feet get cold
in the Win-ter-time.
The sky won't snow

and the sun won't shine.
- It's hard to tell the night-time
from the day.

You're los-ing all your highs and lows
ain't it fun-ny how the

feel-ing goes a-way.

Why don't you come to your sen-ses.

Come down from your fen-ces,
o-pen the gates.

It may be rain-ing
but there's a Rain-bow a-bove you.
You bet-ter let some-bo-dy love you,

You bet-ter let some-bo-dy love you
be-fore it's too - - - late.

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