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We are grateful to the many individuals who have been part of our growth, both directly and indirectly. Hit Trax is all about talented, outstanding people and the performers who use our backing tracks.

SPECIAL THANKS to our amazing team of producers, David Sajfar, Microsoft Australia and Jill Harwell (Apple Australia).


Stuart Hosking for teaching me HTML. Together, we built the original Hit Trax web site.

Pheobe Hutchinson for introducing us to Matthew Eno.

Matthew Eno for developing the first dynamic Hit Trax web site and introducing me to Jason Hulme.

Jason Hulme for being a wonderful human being, technically gifted and my #1 go-to-guy.

John Roy for being among our first producers and introducing us to Frank Seckold.

Frank Seckold for producing the best 80's backing tracks ever.

Julian Medor for having the patience to work with his dad in the same studio.

Lionel Murray and Michael Parker for their valuable advice.

Chris Nash for convincing us that computers are a great tool to create music.

Keith Adamson for good advice.

John McCubbery for his valuable support in the early days.

Mal Capewell for showing us the very first General MIDI device that got us thinking.