Add Song Name Meta Data to MIDI File

If your MIDI Files and MP3 backing tracks do not display song title on a playback device, this tutorial will show you how to add song title, artist name and other Meta data to a MIDI File and MP3 backing track with Merish2PC. Using this software/app, the playback device will show title, artist, BPM and song length. Note, this software does not 'rename' a file name - this is easily done in Finder or a Window by right clicking and selecting RENAME.


To begin, download and install Merish2PC using the links below. MAC and Windows versions available. Click on the desired version to download and setup.

Download Merish2PC for MAC Download Merish2PC for Windows

Step 1: Open Merish2PC

Click the 'Select Songs ..' button to locate MIDI Files and MP3 Files you want to edit.

Setup Merish2PC for MAC and Windows

Step 2: Open Finder/Window

Select the MIDI Files and MP3 Files you want to edit.

Load MIDI Files to edit in Merish2PC

Step 3: View loaded songs

Re size column widths by dragging column bar to the right or left.
Double click a title to view and edit Meta data.

View list of MIDI Files to edit in Merish2PC

Step 4: Edit and Save Meta Data

  • Enter song title. If you wish, add artist name and other available fields.
  • Do not check ‘Apply to all’ unless there are multiple songs on the list by the same Artist or Genre or Author (composers)
  • On completion, click SAVE or Cancel to exit without saving.
  • Close the program to exit.

    IMPORTANT ! Do not use the Sync and Transfer options at the foot of the screen. These options will rename long file names down to 8 characters and is not recommended.

Results of edited MIDI File meta data in Merish2PC


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