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Jack's Place Australian Music

Video Channel for New & Heritage Australian Artists

"Jack's Place" is about Australian music, our unique performers, creative people, the music fans and the amazing backroom geniuses who create & make our music industry. "CHAT with JACK" features Australian musicians singers and industry personnel telling their stories in relaxed one to one interviews. "LIVE @ JACK'S PLACE" features exclusive unplugged performances by Australian artists.

Jacks Place Australian Music

Jack's Place

Jack's Place was created to video document our new and heritage Australian artists through relaxed one on one interviews and exclusive live performances by homegrown Australian artists. Created and hosted by Jackson Moon.

Jacks Place Australian Music

Chat With Jack

Watch regular episodes on YouTube, Facebook and shared social media sites. "Chat with Jack" features relaxed and casual one-on-one chats with Australian performers, musicians, industry persons and backroom geniuses.

Jacks Place Australian Music

Live @ Jack's Place

Exclusive performances by Australian artists - 100% live and 100% unplugged. You'll feel like the artist is performing right there in your lounge room. Real, honest and in-the-moment live performances by Aussie artists.

Jack's Place Interview Transcripts

A selection of transcripts from past interviews. The transcripts are copyright and require written permission to use. Use the contact form to send request.

Jacks Place Australian Music - Ric Formosa

Ric Formosa - Little River Band

Ric Formosa is a Founding member of Little River Band, one of Australia's greatest home grown bands. He joined LRB after Phil Mannings recommendation to manager Glenn Wheatley. Manning, who was LRB's first choice was cultivating a solo career and declined the offer. In this rare and exclusive interview, Ric relates his time joining, performing and recording with LRB. Watch the full interview here.

Download Little River Band MIDI Files

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