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.mid is a MIDI File

.mid file extension

A MIDI File is defined by the extension '.mid'. A MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) file can be loaded or created by music apps and mixing programs like Cakewalk, Logic Pro, Garage Band, QMIDI and Pro Tools. MIDI hardware devices like a Roland Sound Canvas, Okyweb and Merish can load and play a MIDI File. MIDI Files are data files which do not contain any sounds. Instead, a MIDI File transmits data, such as which notes to play, when they are played, the length of each note and how loud each note is played (velocity).

.MID files are mostly used as backing tracks by musicians and singers in the form of MIDI Files. MIDI Files are basically a set of data instructions. The .mid file can apply across a wide range of uses outside music.

Article by John Ialuna, founder and director of Hit Trax.


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