Urgent (Minus Guitar) lyrics by Foreigner


Writers * Mick Jones
Genre * 80's
Producer * Atanaz Pasztor


You're not shy, you get a-round
You wan-na fly, don't want your feet on the ground
You stay up, you won't come down
You wan-na live, you wan-na move to the sound

Got fi-re in your veins
Burn-in' hot-.. but you don't feel the pain
Your de-si-re-.. is in-sane
You can't stop un-til you do it a-gain

But some-times I won-der as I look in your eyes
May-be you're think-ing of some o-ther guy
But I know, yes I know, how to treat you-.. right
That's why you call me in the mid-dle of the night

You say it's ur-gent
So ur-gent, so oh oh ur-gent
Just You wait and see
How ur-.-.-gent my love-.-. can be
It's ur-gent

You play tricks on my mind
You're eve-ry-where but you're so hard to find
You're not warm-.-. or sen-ti-men-tal
You're so ext-reme-.-., you can be so tem-pe-ra-men-tal

But I'm not look-ing for a love that will last
I know what I need and I need it fast
Yeah, there's one thing in com-mon that we both share
That's a need for each o-ther a-ny-time-.-., a-ny-where

It gets so ur-gent
So ur-gent
You know it's ur-gent
I wan-na tell you it's the same-.. for me
So oh oh ur-gent
Just you wait and see
How ur-.-.-gent our love-.-. can be
It's ur-gent

You say it's ur-gent
Make it fast, make it ur-gent
Do it quick, do it ur-gent
Got-ta rush, make it ur-gent
Want it quick
Ur-gent, ur-gent, e-mer-gen-cy
Ur-gent, ur-gent, e-mer-gen-cy
Ur-gent, ur-gent, e-mer-gen-cy
Ur-gent, ur-gent, e-mer-gen-cy
So ur-gent, e-mer-.-.-gen-cy
O-oh O-oh


Key * Em
Time * 4:25
Bars * 130
Tempo * 117


MIDI Channel/Track Assignment:

Ch 1 * Tenor Sax
Ch 2 * Bass
Ch 3 * Slap Bass
Ch 4 * Melody Guide (Flute)
Ch 5 * Ice Rain
Ch 6 * Overdrive Gt.
Ch 7 * Polysynth
Ch 8 * Bass&Lead
Ch 9 * Synth Bass
Ch 10 * Drums
Ch 11 * Atmosphere
Ch 12 * Brightness
Ch 13 * Muted Gt.
Ch 14 * Distortion Gt.
Ch 15 * Whistle
Ch 16 * Clean Gt.


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