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MIDI Karaoke Backing Tracks

MIDI File and MIDI Karaoke File

MIDI Files and MIDI Karaoke Files are identical music data files with the exception that a 'MIDI Karaoke' file includes embedded 'scrolling' lyrics by default and can also include an optional removable MIDI melody guide. Both file types will 'load and play' in any MIDI File player. Some 'MIDI Files' (sometimes referred to as 'SMF' or 'Standard MIDI File') also include a melody guide. MIDI song files are identified as 'MIDI File' or 'MIDI Karaoke' under the song title.

What is a MIDI Karaoke song file

MIDI Karaoke files are MIDI format backing tracks. Karaoke has its origins in Japan and popular around the world. Karaoke songs were originally recorded with live bands but this has become very expensive. These days, Karaoke songs are derived from MIDI Files and available in many formats like MP3, CD and MIDI Karaoke. Professional musicians and singers can use a MIDI Karaoke or MP3 because they are identical to backing tracks.

MIDI Karaoke Files

A MIDI Karaoke File includes embedded lyrics. The lyrics scroll in time with the backing track. This cueing feature makes it easy for singers to know which part of the song is coming up next and accurately anticipate the start, verses, chorus and ending. Being a MIDI File, a MIDI Karaoke has all the advantages of changing key, tempo, arrangement, mute individual instruments and even instrument selection. These edits can be repeated infinite times and never affect sonic quality of the MIDI Karaoke File.

MIDI Karaoke File MP3 Playback Devices

All MP3 Karaoke songs will playback on any MP3 compatible device. That's almost everything these days including IOS and Android devices, computers, CD and Smart TV's via USB. MIDI Karaoke Files require a dedicated playback device to sound authentic. There are software/apps packages and stand alone devices that playback MIDI Karaoke, including the very popular MERISH series made by M-Live, Italy.

MIDI Karaoke Download

Hit Trax MIDI Karaoke Files include embedded lyrics. Our MP3 backing tracks do not include a melody guide or embedded lyrics. There is a special category called MIDI Karaoke Files under the Genres tab. This is where you find the complete range of Hit Trax MIDI Karaoke Files.

MIDI Karaoke Devices (Technical Information)

For the technically minded, MIDI specification requires electrical interface to use a fully isolated current loop. The MIDI out port sources +5 volt source (nominal) via a 220 ohm resistor assigned to pin 4 (MIDI OUT DIN connector plug). This flow is returned to pin 4 of the receiving device MIDI IN DIN connector, via a 220 ohm protection resistor and LED of an opto-isolator. The current returns along pin 5 MIDI IN port to the sending device MIDI OUT pin 5. This flow repeats the 220 ohm resistor along the path to provide an approximate nominal current of 5 milliamperes. The MIDI cable is optically isolated and dos not employ a conductive path. Data rate reaches 31,250 bits per second with logic 0 current on. MIDI devices are immune to ground loops and similar interference providing the specification is observed by the designer.

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