What You Get Is What You See lyrics by Tina Turner

Lyric & Midi information
Song Title * 3913DS: What You Get Is What You See
Performed By * Tina Turner
Composer(s) *
Publisher * . Unauthorised copying is illegal
Programmer * © 1997 Damian Smith (D.M.S. Productions) Distributed Under License
* 8-bar intro

Mmmm, yeah.

* Verse 1 Some boys have got the look of a Greek Adonis,
And some boys just try to talk you off of your feet.
Mmm, some boys think they're God's gifts to woman,
And some boys just think they're sweet enough to eat.

Try to change the habit of a lifetime.
Don't even try,
'Cause when you cut down deeper than the icing,
You'll realise

* Chorus What you get is what you see.
Ain't nothing more to it,
And if you want another woman like me,
It takes a man to do it.
If what you get is what you see,
Then I don't want your kind of love.

* 4-bar break

* Verse 2 Some guys have got lips that you can't help kssing,
(Nake kissing sound three times.)
And some guys have got a smile you can't resist.
Mmm, some guys have gotta build a reputation
And they just wanna add you to the list.

You've got a lot of physical attraction.
I can't deny,
But can you garauntee me satifaction?
Well, I'm still waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting.

* Repeat chorus

* 12-bar guitar solo, lead vocals ad-lib through solo

* Bridge So let me see your cards on the table
Before I buy.
I always read the writing on the label,
So give me reason to believe there's more to you
Than meets the eye.

* Repeat chorus

* Vamp Oooh, ooh.
Then I don't want your kind of love.
Oooh, ooh.
What you, what you see is what you get.

* Ad-lib to end

Time * 4:35
Length * 178 bars
Tempo * 155pm, ritard from bars 167 to 170, 155pm at bar 170
Key * F major

Ch 1 * Muted Guitar
Ch 2 * Fingered Bass
Ch 3 * Funk Guitar
Ch 4 * Clean Guitar
Ch 5 * Distortion Guitar
Ch 6 * Steel-String Guitar (Left)
Ch 7 * Steel-String Guitar (Right)
Ch 8 * Overdrive Guitar
Ch 9 * Organ 1
Ch 10 * Drums
Ch 11 * Synth Strings
Ch 12 * Organ 1