MIDI File Backing Tracks

Discover the ultimate collection of stage-ready MIDI backing tracks at Hit Trax MIDI Files. Elevate your performances with our custom-made vocal accompaniments and instrumental MIDI files. Our professional backing tracks are perfect for singers and bands seeking top-notch sound for live performances and recordings. Experience the freedom to customise your music with our wide range of MIDI playback options. Create memorable moments on stage with Hit Trax MIDI Files – your go-to source for MIDI File backing tracks.

Professional MIDI File Backing Tracks by Hit Trax

Hit Trax MIDI files are used in Casio, Roland, Korg, Yamaha, and M-Live MIDI devices, as well as software such as Garageband, Logic, Pro Tools, WinLlive Pro Synth, Cubase, and Cakewalk. When you buy a Hit Trax MIDI File, you directly support songwriters and artists through royalties. "Think "Hit Trax" when you need MIDI File Backing Tracks."

MIDI Files by Hit Trax

John Ialuna founded Hit Trax in Melbourne, Australia, as the first dedicated online MIDI file content provider.

MIDI File Backing Tracks

Each Hit Trax MIDI File is formatted to General MIDI specifications. Load, edit and play in any GM application or device. The mix is stage-ready and includes both MIDI format type 0 (merged) and MIDI format type 1 (separate channels). Titles tagged 'MIDI KAROKE' feature synced karaoke lyrics.

MP3 Backing Tracks

Stereo (2 track left and right channel) mixed MP3 backing tracks are available to most Hit Trax MIDI Files.

Custom MIDI files

Unlock the pinnacle of musical excellence with Hit Trax Custom MIDI Files, meticulously crafted, featuring both merged and split channel versions and complimentary MP3 backing track mix. Immerse yourself in the synchronised brilliance of karaoke lyrics, enhancing your stage presence with every note. With our swift turnaround time of 2 to 5 days, your custom MIDI masterpiece is just moments away.


Download free MIDI and MP3 editing software for MAC and Windows, such as Q-MIDI and Cakewalk. Convert a MIDI file to an MP3 file.


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Purchase three or more MIDI files and receive a 40% discount. Credit Packs enable large volume users to save up to 65 percent.. View Credit Packs Details


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