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MIDI Files with lyric sheets. Karaoke MIDI embedded lyrics, minus guitar and bass-drums, Australian and International titles Jam Tracks. 24/7 instant download. More than 30,000 licensed backing tracks. Download MIDI File Backing Tracks by Hit Trax for singers musicians bands entertainers karaoke. Change key, tempo, mute/add/remove instruments, alter arrangement and view on-screen lyrics. The best in MIDI - Top 40, Country, Classic Hits, Jazz, 60's music, 70's music, 80's pop, 90's chart busters and hits of the 2000's. Professional fully produced MIDI backing tracks - AMCOS licensed.

What is MIDI

MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface and is the sound engine behind backing tracks karaoke, jam tracks, beats and of course, MIDI Files. MIDI Files are easy to edit, transpose and print notation, create melody and harmony guides are just some of the features in a MIDI File. Hit Trax MIDI Files have arranged endings - no fade outs and include karaoke lyrics & removable melody guide where indicated. A MIDI File is also referred to as a MIDI, MIDIS, midifile, midifiles, SMF (Standard MIDI File) and GM (General MIDI).

Special Orders

Can't find a MIDI? Our team can produce any MIDI backing track from Top 40, Classic Rock, Pop, Country, Wedding Songs and any genre in 2 to 4 days with a full MIDI File and MP3 mix. Your custom song is guaranteed to 'Load and Play' in any compatible GM and MP3 device. DETAILS...

Edit MIDI Files and Backing Tracks Apps

Download MIDI edit programs and apps to split tracks in SMF's, transpose and time shift Mp3 files plus more.

Chordie and SongBook Pro

Download Chordie SongBook chords and lyrics for MIDI backing tracks.

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Hit Trax MIDI Instructional Video's

Video help to download MIDI Files, Hit Trax features and MIDI MP3 playback devices like Merish backing track players. DETAILS ...

Transpose MIDI File and MP3 backing tracks

Download MIDI Transpose and MP3 transposer apps for PC. Free MIDI transpose app and low price MP3 transposer.