Ten Percent (Minus Guitar) lyrics by Double Exposure


Genre * R&B
Producer * Damian Smith
Hit Trax * www.MIDI.COM.AU

11-bar intro

Sing it, fellas!

Ten percent of something
Ten percent of something
It beats one hundred percent
Of nothing at all

Verse 1:
I only see you
Maybe once or twice a week.
(Once or twice a week)
You make it worth my while.
You treat me like a king.
(Treat me like a king)
I cherish any time
That I can spend with you.
Just say the words
And I'll do anything that you ask me to, come on.

Repeat chorus twice

Verse 2:
I do not like those guys
Who try to get all they can
(To get all they can)
Cause when it's over
They're right back where they began
(Back where they began)
It's better to have loved
Than never to have loved at all
(To have loved at all)
?I'm with you til the water runs uphill?

Repeat chorus

Ten percent of something (8x)

Repeat chorus

Key * C major
Time * 3:26
Bars * 102 bars
Tempo * 120 BPM


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