Love Machine lyrics by Girls Aloud

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Item Code * HT5020
Song Title * Love Machine
Performed By * Girls Aloud
Composer(s) * N/A
Publisher *
Programmer * Damian Smith
Copyright * © 2004 HitTrax MIDI Files
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* 12-bar intro

* Verse 1 Ladies, you're damn right.
You can't read a man's mind.
We're living in two tribes and heading for war.
Nobody's perfect
We all gotta work it,
But fellas, we're worth it, so don't break the law.

* Pre- Your call's late, big mistake.
chorus You've gotta hang about in limbo for as long as I take.
Next time, read my mind and I'll be good to you.
We're gift-wrapped kitty cats.
We're only turning into tigers when we gotta fight back,
Let's go, Eskimo, out into the blue.

Come take my hand, understand that you can.
You're my man and I need you tonight.
Come make my dreams.
Honey, hard as it seems,
Loving me is as easy as pie, I...

* Chorus I'm just a love machine feeding my fantasy.
Give me a kiss or three...and I'm fine.
I need a squeeze a day instead of this negligee.
What will the neighbours say...this time.

* Verse 2 I've been going crazy while you sleep,
Searching for a language that the two of us can speak,
So Mr. prehistoric, make it real
And I'll breathe underwater 'cause I like the way it feels.

* Repeat pre-chorus

* Repeat chorus

* Bridge Oh, it's very new.
Can anybody tell me what to do?
Oh, this feeling's very strange.
Can anybody tell me what's you're game?

(Oh) A little education
(Oh) To give you motivation.
(Oh) We'll turn the situation now.
(Oh) 'Cause I don't wanna change ya,
(Oh) Making you a stranger
(Oh) I'll only re-arrange ya... for now.

* Vamp (Oh) I'm just a Love Machine
(0h) To give you motivation.
(Oh) I'm just a Love Machine.
(Oh) I'm just a Love Machine
(0h) To give you motivation.
(Oh) I'm just a Love Machine
(Oh, oh, oh, ohhhhhhhhhhh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhhhhhhhhhh)
Time * 3:41
Length * 214 bars
Tempo * 232 BPM
Key * G major

Ch 1 * Clean Guitar (Left)
Ch 2 * Fingered Bass
Ch 3 * Clean Guitar (Right)
Ch 4 * Vocal Guide
Ch 5 * Clean Guitar (Centre)
Ch 6 * Steel-String Guitawr
Ch 7 * Muted Guitar
Ch 8 * Synth Strings 1
Ch 9 * Saw Wave
Ch 10 * Drums