Runaway lyrics by Loleatta Holloway


Composers * James, Montana Jr
Genre * Pop-Ballad
Producer * Ernesto Dmitruk
Hit Trax * www.MIDI.COM.AU

Yes I'm gonna mess around
Cause that's the way I want to be Gonna try to
Get it down
Before I let love get to me
Don't want your love don't need it
That's the way I see it

Oh runaway
You better not hesitate
Better hurry don't wait now
Before you find it's to late
Cause you know how love slow you down

And if I should change my mind
If I should want to turn around You know it
Won't be hard to find Find another loving clown
It's best to think what of
It The change you will love it

No I'll never settle down
Cause I'm just settling kind I got a place all
Over town And do just what is on my mind
Love is good for those Who want it, who want it I should know I've done it


Key * E
Time * 4:41
Bars * 130
Tempo * 112


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