Too Many Times lyrics by Mental As Anything

Lyric & Midi information

Song Title * 3294 Too Many Times
Performed By * Mental As Anything
Composer(s) * Greedy Smith
Publisher * . Unauthorised copying is illegal
Programmer * Damian Smith (D.M.S. Productions) Distributed Under License
© 1996
NOTE: * Lyrics may not always be to the exact arrangement.
* 8-bar intro

* Chorus Too many times, too many times.
Too many times, too many times.

* Verse 1 Too many times I've seen the sun come up
Through bloodshot eyes this week.
No matter what I do
Since we broke up I find it hard to sleep.

* Verse 2 The room is spinning from too many drinks
I've drunken by myself.
I know that staying here and drinking beer
Is no good for my health.

* Pre- What is there to do
chorus But to drink and watch the view?
I think that it might rain this afternoon.

* (Repeat chorus)

* 10-bar guitar solo

* Bridge The doctor that I went to couldn't do any good.
He gave me pills for sleeping.
I took more than I should, than I should.

* (Repeat 1st verse)

* (Repeat pre-chorus

* (Repeat chorus 8 times)

Time * 3:16
Length * 123 bars
Tempo * 150pm
Key * B major

Ch 1 * Piano 1
Ch 2 * Fingered Bass
Ch 3 * Harmonica
Ch 4 * Organ 3
Ch 5 * Steel String Guitar
Ch 6 * Jazz Guitar
Ch 10 * Drums