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Where Can I Find MIDI Files?

Since the early 1980s, there have been MIDI files. Techniques and expectations of the MIDI File have evolved over the years. A basic MIDI file can be created by almost anyone, but a high quality MIDI file requires significant musical and music programming abilities.

Back in the 1980's "General MIDI" format did not exist, nor did computer software, sample libraries and the Internet. MIDI song files were known as "Standard MIDI File" or SMF's. Musicians using MIDI backing tracks used a variety of sound modules and drum machines to play back a MIDI File.

Free MIDI Files vs Professional MIDI Files

Almost all free MIDI downloads we see over the internet are either very poor quality, or stolen commercial works and illegally uploaded. As a performer, It makes sense to have the highest quality MIDI backing tracks playing through that PA you paid thousands of dollars for.

High Quality MIDI FIles

Hit Trax has quality control, accuracy targets, consistent levels, arranged endings, and a desire to create MIDI Files that professionals and semi-professional performers can rely on. It makes sense to use professional MIDI File backing tracks as your "backing band." Presentation is everything, and having a professional sound validates the hours of rehearsal and gig management time you devote to your live act.

Article by John Ialuna, founder and director of Hit Trax.


Download Professional MIDI Files
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MIDI Karaoke Files
MIDI Files with embedded lyrics and melody guidesBlog by John Ialuna