Lyrics for Street Life by Randy Crawford

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Item Code * HT1136
Song Title * Street Life
Performed By * Randy Crawford
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I play the
Streetlife, because there's no place I can go,
Streetlife, it's the only life I know.
Streetlife, and there's a thousand parts to play,
Streetlife, until you play your life away.

You let the people see just who you want to be,
And every night you shine just like a superstar.
That's how the life is played, a ten cent masquerade
You dress, you walk, you talk, you're who you think you are.

Streetlife, you can run away from time.
Streetlife, for a nickel, for a dime.
Streetlife, but you better not get old.
Streetlife, Or you gonna feel the cold.

There's always love for sale, a grown up fairy tale,
Prince charming always smiles, behind a silver spoon.
If you keep it young, your song is always sung.
Your love will pay your way beneath the silver moon.

Streetlife, Streetlife, Streetlife, Streetlife,

1. Verse




Time * 5:20.301
Length * 146 bars
Tempo * 102 BPM
Key * F#m

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Ch 3 * ElPiano
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