Lyrics for I Know Who I Am by Sinach


Composer * N/A
Genre * Praise & Worship
Producer * Damian Smith

8-bar intro

We are a chosen generation.
We've been called forth to show His excellence.
All I require for life God has given me
And I know who I am.

I know who God says I am, what He says I am,
Where He says I'm at; I know who I am.

I'm working in power, I'm working miracles.
I live a life of favor for I know who I am.


Repeat Verse

Repeat pre-chorus

Repeat chorus

Ohhhhhh oh oh, oh oh oh.
I know who I am. (repeat 2x)

I am holy, I am righteous, oh oh.
I am so rich, I am beautiful.

Repeat chorus

Hook 2:
Take a look at me, I'm a wonder.
It doesn't matter what you see now.
Can you see His glory for I know who I am? (repeat)

Repeat hook 1


Repeat hook 1 twice

I know.

Key * Db major
Time * 6:05
Length * 159 bars
Tempo * 105 BPM


MIDI Channel/Track Assignment:

Ch 1 * Piano 1
Ch 2 * Electric Bass
Ch 3 * Sweep Pad
Ch 4 * Melody Guide (Saxophone)
Ch 5 * Backing Melody Guide (Synvox)
Ch 6 * Ocarina
Ch 7 * Saw Wave
Ch 8 * Brass 1
Ch 9 * Fantasia
Ch 10 * Drums
Ch 11 * Muted Guitar
Ch 12 * Distortion Guitar
Ch 13 * Synth Bass 1
Ch 14 * Electric Piano 1
Ch 16 * Chords


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