Throughout Your Years (Minus Guitar) lyrics by Kurtis Blow


Composers * Kurtis Blow, Moore, Waring
Genre * Hip-Hop
Producer * Damian Smith
Hit Trax * www.MIDI.COM.AU

8-Bar Intro

Verse 1:
Throughout Your Years
Your Ups And Downs
Your Highs And Your Lows
I'm The Man With The Mic
Who Rocks The House
The Man Called Kurtis Blow
So Get Out Your Seat And Grab A Girl
'Casue I'm About Ready To Rock The World
And Listen To My Story
Ccause It Got To Be Told
Like An Oscar Winning Actor
When He's Playing A Role
When I Wasn't The Best,
There Was Something In My Head
To Be A Rapper Was My Dream
Like In The Morning
With The Bacon And The Eggs
And The Coffee, And The Cream
So I Made Up My Mind That I Would Always Try To Be
The Best That I Can Be
Now Here I Am, Rapping At The Jam
With All The Fly Guys And The Young Ladies

Just Take Your Time, You Don't Have To Hurry
Hang Tough, You Don't Have To Worry
In Society, The Strong Survive
So Rap Or Sig Or Get A Nine To Five
With A Little Hard Work And Dedication,
We'll Pull Together And Rock The Nation
So If You Do The Do And Think You Are Great,
Come On Everybody, Participate

Say "Ho"
You Got To Say "Ho" If You're Ready To Go
Say "Ow"
You Got To Say "Ow" If You're Ready Right Now
Say "Pride"
Cause Pride Is What We Got Inside
To The Top!
We Are Going To The Top, We Ain't Gonna Stop!
Get Down!

Piano Solo

Verse 2:
When It Started Out, The Way Wasn't Clear
There Was Much Confusion And A Lot Of Fear
Walking In The Shadow, Searching For The Light
Be The Reason I Could Be That To Make Me Right
Cause It Ain't All Champagne And Cavier
Riding 'Round The Town In The Finest Car
Living In The Star Life Of Luxury
And Being Seen 'Round The World At The Place To Be
?Let Down, No Jobs ... Checks Hang Up... Back Sets ...?
A Thousand Things Can Hold You Back
And Try To Run You Off The Track
So You Got To Believe You Can Be The Best
You Got To Work Real Hard To Achieve Success
So Listen Close, Cause I Insist
I Got Some Advice, It Goes Just Like This:

Repeat Pre-Chorus, Leave Out "Just"

Repeat Chorus

Piano Solo 2

Verse 3:
There's A Man Up There Who's Calling The Shots
He Says What Is Going To Happen And What's Not
There Is Only One Way To Stake A Claim
You Got To Be A Man
You Gotta To Play The Game
Some People You May Be Around
Have Negative Vibes And Try To Get You Down
But You're Mighty Sound And You're Really Strong
?You Got To ... Riding Along?
Winter, Summer, Fall, Spring
Give It Your All And Everything
Step By Step, Day By Day
Watch Out For Obstacles In Your Way
Don't Be No Other, Be Yourself
You Can Do That Better Than Anyone Else
Now, I Can't Tell You What To Do,
But The Things I Say Will Still Come True

Repeat Pre-Chorus, Leav Out "Just"

Chorus 2:
Say Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na
Say Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na

Key * Bb major
Time * 5:37
Bars * 159 bars
Tempo * 112 BPM (with variations)


MIDI Channel/Track Assignment:

Ch 1 * Piano 1
Ch 2 * Fingered Bass
Ch 3 * Electric Piano 1
Ch 4 * Melody Guide
Ch 5 * Clean Guitar
Ch 6 * Muted Guitar (L)
Ch 7 * Muted Guitar (R)
Ch 10 * Drums
Ch 16 * Chords


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