Lyrics for One In A Million You by Larry Graham

Lyric & Midi information
Song Title * 2842LB: One In A Million
Performed By * Larry Graham
Composer(s) *
Publisher * . Unauthorised copying is illegal
Programmer * Tony Lombardi © LB Sequences (Reproduced under license)

Love has played its games on me so long.
I started to believe I'd never find anyone,
that could try to convince me to give in.
Said you can't win.

But one day the sun came shining through.
The rain had stopped, and the skies were blue.
And oh, what a revelation to see...
someone was saying "I love you" to me.

* Chorus:

One in a million, chance of a lifetime.
Life showed compassion,
and sent to me a stroke of luck called you...
a one in a million you.

I was a lonely man with empty arms to fill.
Until I found a piece of paradise to call my own.
And life is worth living again.
For, to love you, to me, is to live.

* Repeat Chorus.

Time * 4:08
Length * 76 Bars
Tempo * 72 Bpm
Key * F

Ch 2 * Acoustic Bass
Ch 3 * Electric Piano
Ch 4 * Strings
Ch 5 * Oceana Synth
Ch 6 * Harp
Ch 7 * Acoustic Guitar
Ch 8 * Piano
Ch 9 * Strings
Ch 10 * Drums