Detroit City lyrics by Tom Jones

Midifiles & Backing Tracks
Song Title * Detroit City
Performed By * Tom Jones
Composer(s) * Danny Dill and Mel Tillis
Publisher *
Programmer * © Alain Besseleer

Last night I went to sleep in Detroit City
I dreamed about them cotton fields of home
I dreamed about my mother, dear old pappy, sister and brother
And I dreamed about the girl who’s been waitin’ for so long

I wanna go home
I wanna go home
Oh, how I wanna go home

Home folks think I’m big in Detroit City
From the letters that I write they think I’m just fine, yes they do
But by day I make the cars and by night I make the bars
If only they could read between the lines

[ ‘cause you know I rode a freight train north to Detroit City
And after all these years I find I’ve just been wastin’ my time
You know what I’m gonna do?
I’m gonna take my foolish pride
Get it on a southbound freight and let it ride
I’m gonna go back to the loved ones
The ones I left waiting so far behind]

I wanna go home, yeah
I wanna go home
Oh, how I wanna go home [Can’t you hear me?]

I wanna go home
Whoa, baby I wanna go home
Oh, how I wanna go home [Somebody help me]

I wanna go home, yeah
I wanna go home, whoa oh
Oh, how I wanna go home

Hmm, I wanna go home


Time * 3.46
Length * 99 Bars
Tempo * 105 Bpm
Key * E Major

Ch 1 *
Ch 2 * Bass
Ch 3 * Slow Strings
Ch 4 * Melody line
Ch 5 * Mellow/Jazz Guitar
Ch 6 * Steel String Acoustic Guitar
Ch 7 * Electric Guitar
Ch 8 * French Horn
Ch 9 * Choir Ahhs
Ch 10 * Drums