Somebody Bigger Than You And I lyrics by Elvis Presley


Composers: Johnny Lange, Hy Heath, Sonny Burke
Genre: gospel standard
Producer: Nelson Guimaraes
Hit Trax: www.MIDI.COM.AU

Who made the mountains, who made the trees
Who made the rivers flow to the sea
And who sends the rain when the earth is dry
Somebody bigger than you and I

Who made the flowers to bloom in the spring
Who made the song for the robins to sing
And who hung the moon and the stars in the sky
Somebody bigger than you and I

He lights the way when the road is long
He keeps you company
And with His love to guide you
He walks beside you
Just like He walks with me

When we're filled with despair
Who gives me courage to go from there
And who gives me faith that will never die
Somebody bigger than you and I


Key: Bb
Time: 2:30
Bars: 80 @ 6/8 time signature
Tempo: 95 bpm


MIDI Channel/Track Assignment:

Ch 1 * organ
Ch 2 * Bass (acoustic)
Ch 3 * rhythmic guitar (clean)
Ch 4 * Melody Guide (tenor sax)
Ch 5 * Harmonies Guide (poly pad)
Ch 6 *
Ch 7 * aahh voices
Ch 8 * oohh voices
Ch 9 * strings ensemble
Ch 10 * Drums (brushes hit)
Ch 11 * grand piano
Ch 12 * timpani
Ch 13 *
Ch 14 *
Ch 15 *
Ch 16 *


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