Blue Bayou lyrics by Roy Orbison

Following conventional lyric notation practice, words are broken into syllables to interpret the phrasing of the lyrics. Each word syllable in the lyrics below represents a note on the vocal part of this arrangement. A hyphen '-' or trailing hyphens following a word syllable indicates that the word syllable is extended over more than one note.
Title: Blue Bayou
Key Signature:F Major
Artist:Roy Orbison
Copyright:Acuff-Rose Music Publishing
Total Running Time:00:02:27
INTRO . . .
I feel so bad I got a wor-ried mind
I`m so lone-some all the time

Since I left my ba-by be-hind
on Blue Bay-ou

Sav-ing nick-els, sav-ing dimes
Work-ing 'til the sun don't shine

Look-ing for-ward to hap-pi-er times
on Blue Bay-ou

I'm go-ing back some day
come what may to Blue Bay-ou

- - Where you sleep all day and
the Cat-fish play on Blue Bay-ou

- - Oh those fish-ing boats
with their sails a-float
If I could on-ly see that

fa-mil-iar sun-rise
through sleep-y eyes
How hap-py I'd be

Oh, to see my ba-by a-gain
and to be with some of my friends

May-be I'd be hap-py a-gain
on Blue Bay-ou

I'm go-ing back some day
Gon-na stay on Blue Bay-ou
- Where the folks are fine

and the world is mine
on Blue Bay-ou

Oh, that girl of mine by my side
The sil-ver moon and the eve-ning tide

Oh, some sweet day gon-na
take a-way this hurt-in' in-side

I'll nev-er be blue
My dreams - come true

on Blue Bay-ou