In Dreams lyrics by Roy Orbison

Following conventional lyric notation practice, words are broken into syllables to interpret the phrasing of the lyrics. Each word syllable in the lyrics below represents a note on the vocal part of this arrangement. A hyphen '-' or trailing hyphens following a word syllable indicates that the word syllable is extended over more than one note.
Title: In Dreams
Key Signature:C Major
Artist:Roy Orbison
Copyright:Warner Chappell Music Ltd
Total Running Time:00:02:53
A Can-dy col-oured clown
they call the Sand-man
Tip-toes to my room eve-ry night

Just - to sprink-le star-dust
and to whis-per go to sleep
Eve-ry-thing is al-right

- I close my eyes and I drift a-way
- And to the mag-ic night I soft-ly say
- a si-lent prayer like dream-ers do

Then I fall a-sleep to dream
my dreams of you

- In dreams I walk with you
- In dreams I talk to you

- In dreams you're mine all the time
- - We're to-geth-er in dreams
In dreams......

But just be-fore the dawn
I a-wake and find you gone
I can't help it, I can't help it if I try

I re-mem-ber that you said good-bye
It's too bad that all these things
can on-ly hap-pen in my dreams

On-ly in dreams
- In beau-ti-ful dreams
- -