Running Scared lyrics by Roy Orbison

Following conventional lyric notation practice, words are broken into syllables to interpret the phrasing of the lyrics. Each word syllable in the lyrics below represents a note on the vocal part of this arrangement. A hyphen '-' or trailing hyphens following a word syllable indicates that the word syllable is extended over more than one note.
Title: Running Scared
Key Signature:A Major
Artist:Roy Orbison
Copyright:Warner Chappell Music Publishing
Total Running Time:00:02:13
Just run-nin’ scared each place we go
- So a-fraid - that he might show

Yeah, run-nin’ scared, what would I do
If he came back and want-ed you

- Just run-nin’ scared, - feel-in’ low
- Run-nin’ scared, - you love him so
Just run-nin’ scared, - a-fraid to lose

- If he came back
- which one would you choose?

- Then all at once he was stand-ing there
- So sure of him-self, his head in the air
- My heart was break-ing,

which one would it be
You turned a-round
and walked a-way with me