Are We In Trouble Now lyrics by Mark Knopfler

Lyric & Midi information
Song Title * 4626DS: Are We In Trouble Now?
Performed By * Mark Knopfler
Composer(s) * Mark Knopfler
Publisher * . Unauthorised copying is illegal
Programmer * © 2000 Bespoke Music, Distributed Under License

* 3-bar intro

* Verse 1 It wasn't just the music.
It wasn't just the wine,
Some other kind of magic
Sending shivers up my spine,
And I was falling
And I fell for you, and how?
Darling, are we in trouble now?

* Verse 1 They say we've grown up
We've been searching all this time.
I wouldn't own up,
Never would admit flying blind,
But in the darkness,
We found each other anyhow.
Darling, are we in trouble now?

* 8-bar guitar solo

* 8-bar piano solo

* Bridge When we talk it over,
Love was a cry from a distant shore.
Then we found each other
And all that we'd been searching for,

* Verse 3 And I'm done denying.
Yeah, I guess by now you know.
I'm through with trying.
Can't bring myself to let you go
And all of these feelings
They said we never would allow.
Darling, are we in trouble now?
Darling, are we in trouble now?

Time * 6:16
Length * 141 bars
Tempo * 90pm
Key * D major

Ch 1 * Piano 1
Ch 2 * Fingered Bass
Ch 3 * Organ 3
Ch 4 * Slow Strings
Ch 5 * Steel-String Guitar
Ch 6 * Clean Guitar
Ch 7 * Jazz Guitar
Ch 8 * Overdrive Guitar
Ch 9 * Hawaiian Guitar
Ch 10 * Drums